The community intervention team (COMIT) provides assessment, counselling, therapy, case management and psychoeducation support for clients with mental health issues and dementia, including their caregivers. With the assessment, the team develops individualised care plans for clients or link up the clients with other more suitable services. Caregivers will be provided with the appropriate assessment and intervention such as psychoeducation, training, support and support group. COMIT works closely with the community outreach teams, partner General Practitioners, Polyclinics and other community partners to provide holistic care to clients.

The community intervention team is one of the programmes under the Community Mental Health Masterplan developed by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), together with the Ministry of Health (MOH), which enables persons living with mental health and dementia to seek early treatment nearer to their homes and ensure that they are well supported in the community.     


COMIT services include home visits for purpose of engagement, assessment and intervention, and may be individual or group work where appropriate. COMIT key service components include:

  • Assessment and individual care plan
  • Psychosocial interventions, counselling and therapy
  • Care coordination and case management
  • Caregiver education, training and support
  • Establish a seamless care continuum with Community Partners
  • Collaboration with Primary, Health Care and other Community Partners


Admission Criteria

    • Singaporean or Permanent Resident, age 18 years and above
    • Diagnosed with psychiatric condition(s) that has been stabilized, and is on regular medications and psychiatric follow-up
    • No history of substance abuse, such as drug, inhalant and alcohol, in the last two (2) years
    • No suicide attempt(s) and self-harm acts within the last three (3) months
    • No severe aggressive behavior which may pose a threat to others

Note for Persons Who Have Not Been Formally Diagnosed For Mental Health Issues:

  • Assessment will be done by the COMIT Counsellor and referred to appropriate agencies for further treatment and follow-up.
  • Persons will be discharged upon successful referral to relevant agencies.
  • May be accepted to be followed up by COMIT if appropriate


Admission Process

  • Referral form to be duly completed by referral agency, preferably by general practitioner from mental health clinic or a hospital. Referrals can also from social service agencies, schools, police, community organisations, family members or self.
  • COMIT Counsellor will contact the person/caregiver within 36 working hours from the time referral is received.
  • Assessment will be conducted to assess suitability for COMIT service and referral source will be notified on the outcome.
  • Referrals with no psychiatric input will be advised to see a psychiatrist so as to understand the person’s psychiatric condition and also the need for medications.



  • Nil


ACC-BB Community Intervention Team

Anglican Care Centre (Bukit Batok)

Blk 267 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4
Singapore 650267

6562 4881

ACC-PR Community Intervention Team

Anglican Care Centre (Pasir Ris)

Blk 534 Pasir Ris Drive 1
Singapore 510534

6584 4633

ACC-YS Community Intervention Team

Anglican Care Centre (Yishun)

Blk 707 Yishun Avenue 5
Singapore 760707

6753 5311